Advantage Gold Review: Best Gold & Precious Metals IRA?

Advantage Gold Review: Best Gold & Precious Metals IRA?

If you’re searching for a secure investment option, Advantage Gold could be the ideal solution for safeguarding your retirement plan. We recognize the importance of choosing a reputable company for your investments and have extensively researched the key players in this industry.

Through our comprehensive assessment, we have analyzed various factors to identify companies that excel in providing exceptional customer service. Our goal is to help you compare and contrast the leading options available so that you can make an informed decision based on your investment objectives and requirements.

During this exploration, we’ll delve into the distinct features that establish Advantage Gold as a trusted choice for investors focused on preserving and growing their wealth. Join us on this enlightening journey where gold, wisdom, and prosperity converge within the realm of Advantage Gold.

What Is Advantage Gold?

Advantage Gold stands as a dominant force in the realm of gold IRA companies, thanks to the extensive expertise of its creators. Kirill Zagalsky and Adam Baratta established this venture in 2014, and since then, they have guided its operations for a span of nine years.

Based in California, the company caters to clients across the United States. Leveraging their strong online presence, Advantage Gold offers customers a seamless experience when it comes to purchasing and selling precious metals through their secure website.

Products and Services Offered by Advantage Gold

Gold IRAs

Advantage Gold provides a range of IRA accounts, such as the Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, and SEP IRA. These accounts allow customers to save for retirement using gold and other precious metals. By investing in physical gold through their IRAs, customers have more control over their investments and aren’t reliant on the fluctuations of the stock market.

Customers have expressed high satisfaction with Advantage Gold in many reviews. They praise the company for its exceptional products, services, and customer service. They value the low fees associated with Advantage Gold’s offerings as well as its quick processing times.

Advantage Gold is widely regarded as a superior choice for individuals seeking to include gold in their retirement portfolio. It’s worth noting the commendable level of customer service provided by the company, as they’re known for their friendly demeanor and willingness to assist.

Silver IRAs

Advantage Gold also offers Silver IRA options, enabling individuals to save for their retirement using Silver and other precious metals.

The company provides a range of IRA accounts, including Traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs, and SEP IRAs. These accounts allow you to purchase and securely store physical Silver within your IRA. This gives you the freedom to have control over your investments without being reliant on the fluctuations of the stock market.

Advantage Gold’s selection of Silver coins and bars includes various options such as American Silver Eagle Proof Coins, 2015 Canadian Silver $8 Polar Bear and Cub weighing 1.5 ounces, Great-Horned Owl Silver Bullion Coins, Moose Silver Bullion Coins, among others.

Despite the scarcity of some silver coins and bars circulation, Advantage Gold always maintains a steady inventory. The company is an excellent choice for individuals interested in incorporating gold and silver into their retirement plans as part of their investment strategy.

Direct Sales

Advantage Gold also provides the option to purchase precious metals. Instead of utilizing retirement funds, customers can buy gold and silver bullion coins, bars, and rounds straight from the company. Through this method, Advantage Gold offers competitive prices for customers to acquire gold and silver directly.

The company presents a diverse range of gold and silver coins and bars in different sizes, shapes, weights, and purity levels. Depending on their budget, needs, and goals, customers have the freedom to select which product suits them best.

Advantage Gold ensures the safety and efficiency of direct sales through secure and fast transactions. The company employs advanced security measures to protect customers’ personal information. A secure online store is available for easy purchase of coins and bars.

When it comes to direct sales, Advantage Gold stands out from other companies with its competitive prices, prompt delivery times, and exceptional customer service. It’s the perfect choice for individuals seeking to invest in gold or silver as part of their retirement plan or for any other purpose.

Custodian Options

Advantage Gold has partnered with reputable custodians Equity Trust and STRATA Trust to provide customers with secure storage for their precious metals in a Gold IRA. Equity Trust, known globally as one of the most trusted IRA custodians, offers an online platform that makes investment management easy.

STRATA Trust is a leading provider of self-directed retirement plans, giving customers full control over their investments. Both custodians prioritize transparency and security by ensuring there are no hidden fees and all transactions are fully transparent.

In addition to partnering with Equity Trust and STRATA Trust, Advantage Gold also works with other licensed IRA custodians. This means that if you already have an existing IRA custodian, they assist in transferring your retirement funds to an approved Gold or Silver IRA account.

Advantage Gold takes care of all the paperwork, transfers, and conversions on your behalf so you can rest easy knowing everything is being handled professionally. So whether you choose to work with Equity Trust or STRATA Trust or bring your own custodian along for the ride, Advantage Gold has got you covered every step of the way.

Pros & Cons of Advantage Gold


  • Collaborates with two major custodians, Equity Trust and STRATA Trust
  • Provides comprehensive information through its website
  • Features a convenient buyback program
  • Earns a stellar reputation thanks to positive customer feedback
  • Operated by an experienced management team well-versed in the industry


  • Doesn’t provide complete fee details directly on the website
  • Lacks information about depositories on the website
  • A relatively new company in the industry
  • Offers a restricted range of precious metals originating from the United States

Advantage Gold’s Pricing and Fees

Advantage Gold provides transparent pricing with no undisclosed charges or commissions. All items are valued at their current market rates, granting you access to the most favorable prices.

To establish an account, there’s a $50 fee that covers all necessary documentation. You won’t have to deal with the inconvenience commonly associated with other investment firms.

Custodial fees are applied by Advantage Gold for the storage and protection of your precious metals. These fees are more affordable compared to those imposed by other providers, making Advantage Gold an ideal choice for cost-conscious investors. The annual fees range from $100 to $200 based on the type of account selected.

The company doesn’t use a percentage-based fee structure; instead, they charge a fixed amount. This approach is crucial as it ensures that the company does not take a portion of each transaction, which can accumulate rapidly.

By implementing a fixed figure, investors can receive the full value of their assets. In contrast, other companies may impose commissions of up to 2.5% for every transaction. It’s always advisable to verify whether the desired investment firm imposes such charges.

Advantage Gold offers various payment methods in order to facilitate easy and convenient purchases of gold and silver. Customers have the option to make payments via check, wire transfer, Bitcoin, debit card, credit card or bank account. Advantage Gold doesn’t levy any additional fees for utilizing these payment methods.

Advantage Gold offers a buyback program that allows customers to sell their precious metals. The company purchases coins, bars, and rounds at the current market value without charging additional fees or commissions. This service provides a convenient way for customers to liquidate their assets quickly if necessary.

To ensure the safety of payments, Advantage Gold has implemented a secure checkout process. They provide real-time order tracking, giving customers peace of mind as they can monitor the progress of their purchase right up until it arrives at their doorstep.

To further guarantee customer satisfaction, Advantage Gold collaborates with trusted partners such as STRATA for the storage, transportation, and handling of precious metals. This partnership adds an extra layer of security and ensures that customers receive exactly what they paid for.

How to Open an Account?

Getting started with Advantage Gold is a breeze. If you have any inquiries or would like to explore your options, feel free to contact their knowledgeable representative at the toll-free number – 888 501-900.

Alternatively, if you’ve already decided about opening an Advantage Gold IRA, you can save time by following these steps online instead.

Step 1: Complete a Self-Directed IRA Application

When you move your cursor over the “Open a Gold IRA Account” button on the Advantage Gold website, you’re presented with two choices for an account custodian: STRATA Trust or Equity Institutional. Click on your preferred option and proceed to open the Self-Directed IRA Application, which can be conveniently filled out online.

Step 2: Sign the Client and Shipping Agreement

Please read and sign the Advantage Gold Client and Shipping Agreement as your next step. This document outlines all the conditions of the company’s service, such as its policies regarding refunds, shipping, and buybacks.

Step 3: Upload a Financial Statement

To finance your Advantage Gold IRA, transfer funds from a qualifying retirement account. The eligible accounts for this purpose are as follows:

  • IRAs, including Traditional, Roth, SEP, and Simple accounts
  • Certain pensions
  • Tax-sheltered annuities
  • Certain 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), and Thrift Savings Plans

After uploading a statement from the account you intend to transfer, an expert will assess the document to ensure that it meets the requirements for eligibility.

Step 4: Sign a Precious Metals Investment Direction and Disclosures Form

To complete the process, you will need to execute a disclosure agreement that provides details regarding the terms of your account. This document will enable you to choose where your gold and other valuable metals can be stored.

How Can I Withdraw From My Account?

When you’re prepared to make a withdrawal from your Individual Retirement Account (IRA), there are two options. You can either physically take possession of your gold or other precious metals, or you can choose to liquidate some of them by selling them back to Advantage Gold.

It’s important to note that while Advantage Gold cannot guarantee the repurchase of gold from its customers, it has expressed its intention to buy back precious metals at prices that reflect the current market value.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has established specific regulations regarding when funds can be withdrawn from an IRA. 

If you decide to withdraw money or precious metals from your account before reaching the age of 59 ½, there’s a possibility that you may be subject to a tax penalty amounting up to 10%.

On another note, if you possess a traditional IRA, once you reach the age of 73, it becomes mandatory for you to take minimum distributions commonly known as Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs). 

Failure on your part in adhering with this requirement could lead towards incurring a tax penalty equivalent up t0 20% of the total sum which was not withdrawn. 

To ensure full compliance with all relevant rules and regulations concerning IRA withdrawals it would be advisable for one to consult with an experienced tax professional.

Advantage Gold Reviews From Real Users – How Legit Is It?

Is Advantage Gold legit? Yes. To make informed choices, responsible consumers must conduct thorough investigations into companies prior to making important decisions, such as investing in valuable metals. This entails scrutinizing for any possible warning signs and analyzing feedback from customers. What do the evaluations of Advantage Gold reveal?

According to customer feedback, initiating gold investments is a straightforward process, made easier by the expertise and experience of customer service representatives.

Alternatives to Advantage Gold – Advantage Gold Review 

Goldco – Best Precious Metals IRA Company for Customer Service

Goldco is an esteemed, privately held firm that specializes in gold IRA and safeguarding assets. With a wealth of expertise spanning over ten years, they have established themselves as one of the premier companies in the gold IRA sector. 

Goldco aids individuals in initiating or transferring their gold IRAs, providing assistance for a range of retirement plans that offer tax advantages. They facilitate direct sales of both gold and silver to assist clients in diversifying their investment portfolios effectively. While there are fees associated with the custodian for a gold IRA, Goldco does not impose any charges on its customers. 

They consistently receive high customer satisfaction ratings due to their exceptional customer service and extensive educational resources provided through their comprehensive learning center. Goldco stands out from others in the industry by prioritizing accurate information delivery, building trust among clients, and offering robust support services.

American Hartford Gold – Best Precious Metals IRA Company for Small Investments

American Hartford Gold is a well-regarded company specializing in gold IRAs. They have a strong reputation and are highly rated by their customers. Their range of services includes precious metal IRAs, as well as the option to rollover existing gold and silver IRAs or make direct purchases of gold and silver bars/coins. The minimum investment required for direct purchases is $5,000, while for gold IRA rollovers it’s $10,000, giving investors flexibility in their investment options.

To ensure the safety of investors’ assets, American Hartford Gold works with Equity Trust as a custodian. They offer secure storage solutions through reputable companies like Brinks and Delaware Depository.

Besides their services, American Hartford Gold provides ongoing support to their clients through dedicated account representatives. They understand the importance of informed decision-making and offer a free guide to help investors navigate the process.

Through its comprehensive range of offerings and commitment to customer satisfaction, American Hartford Gold stands out as a trusted partner in the world of gold investments.

Oxford Gold – Best for Educational Resources

Oxford Gold Group stands out as a well-known organization that focuses on helping people plan for retirement by offering precious metals IRAs. Their extensive services include not only the purchase of physical gold but also the establishment of Gold IRAs and diversification with silver, gold, platinum, and palladium. 

They place great importance on educating their clients and provide safe storage solutions through trusted facilities such as Brinks Depository and Delaware Depository. Although the ownership remains somewhat enigmatic, Oxford Gold Group strives to be a beacon of guidance for individuals who aspire to achieve a prosperous and varied future during their retirement years.

Advantage Gold Review – Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Gold IRA Tax Rules?

Funding a conventional gold IRA involves using pre-tax funds. When you make withdrawals, they’re subjected to ordinary income tax rates. However, if you decide to withdraw before reaching the age of 59 ½, an additional penalty of 10% must be paid.

How Does Advantage Gold’s Buyback Program Work?

Advantage Gold offers a service on its website where they’re willing to repurchase your gold whenever you request it. They guarantee to pay at least the current spot price, which is determined by wholesale prices. 

To initiate the buyback process, you can reach out to their customer service for the required form and after signing and dating it, send it back to secure your buyback price. According to their website, they aim to wire the funds within 24 hours of completing this process.

How Do I Open an IRA With Advantage Gold?

Getting started with a gold IRA is straightforward. The first step involves filling out a self-directed IRA form either online or through a paper application. From there, you can fund your account by means of a direct transfer, rolling over funds from another retirement account, or making contributions. Once that’s done, it’s time to decide on the specific investments you would like to pursue.

Final Thoughts – Advantage Gold Review

Advantage Gold presents itself as an attractive option for individuals interested in investing in gold and silver. The company boasts an impressive A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), a stellar 4.9 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot, and is recognized as one of the most frequently visited websites in the United States.

The management team at Advantage Gold consists of two highly knowledgeable professionals who possess extensive expertise in the gold and silver market. They offer a convenient buyback program and have established partnerships with two reputable custodians.

Despite its commendable reputation, Advantage Gold has a few minor drawbacks. Their selection of coins is somewhat limited, and their website fails to provide comprehensive information about all applicable fees. Details regarding depositories are noticeably absent from their site.

Customers who have had dealings with Advantage Gold express satisfaction with their experience. While it may be worthwhile to consider Advantage Gold as an investment option for gold and silver enthusiasts, it should be noted that there are more superior alternatives available for those looking to invest in precious metals.

Individual retirement accounts are tax-advantaged accounts that help individuals save for retirement.

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